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It used to be a spacious storage place, but the last owner transformed this building into a functional sportstable infrastructure with proper tack-up places and large stalls. It includes a storage space for food and tack-up room.


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SportstablesMain sport stableIndoor arena + CasinoBreeding StablesVillaArena'sStorage


Installed sportstables with own tack-up place. Discover more about this building: click here

Main sport stable

Highly detailed and functional sportstable with central tack-up place and groom appartement. Discover more info: click here

Indoor arena + Casino

Discover the spacious indoor arena connected to the 'casino'. A luxurious welcoming place inclusive office and appartement. Discover more info: click here

Breeding Stables

Functional and nice breeding stables with grooming appartement/ house. Discover more info: Click here


Cherry on top is the 1.500 sqm villa with outdoor pool and extreme privacy. More info: click here


Gut Einhaus offers a total of 4 state of the art outdoor sand arena's as well as one look-a-like CHIO Aachen grass arena. The two big sand arena's are topped with a 1,5km galop track, perfect to train your horses or organise your own competitions. More info: click here


A spacious and well constructed storage building, including an aqua trainer. The storage building was later constructed and connects to the 'small' outdoor sand arena. Click for more info...

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